Monday, February 15, 2010

A "How Much Will She Weigh" Giveaway!!

OK. So I haven't posted in quite some time. I'm gonna up the ante with my newest post with a little giveaway.

If you don't know by now.. you are way out of the loop. My wife is pregnant. She's actually been pregnant for almost 9 WHOLE MONTHS. We are having a little girl whose name will be Adalyn Joelle Smith. We had "heated discussions" over a name for months it seemed like to find the perfect name for our little princess. Tonya wanted a name that was cute. I wanted a name that had value. (Not to imply that she didn't of course. But coming from a family of biblical names, I wanted our girl to have a name that would have meaning beyond letters.) Here's a break down of what her name means:

Adalyn - noble or kind. We hope to raise her to be gentle but to also hold herself to a higher standard than today's society. (Also, it was a name of rank in the feudal system. Although she may not ever have much on earth, she's already an heir to the King. Romans 8:17-18)

Joelle - feminine of Joel which means Jehovah is God or God is willing. This is a truth we will instill in her every day of her life. Understanding this truth is critical for every decision she will make in her lifetime.

Smith - it's mine and her mommy's last name. It also was a popular name of tradesmen. It's the most popular name in the United States and the UK. She will come from generations of godly men and women in our family. Although she may not have this name forever due to marriage, we hope the foundation and the examples set by our godly family members will influence her in so many ways to please the Lord in all she does.

Now, the giveaway. As we share our gift from the Father with our family and the world, we also want to make it worth your while to get involved. It's pretty simple.

Guess the weight of Baby Adalyn and we will reward you with a gift card of your choice to the store/restaurant of your choice. $15 for the one who gets closest above or below (in the event of a tie will we give each participant the above amount with the same terms). $25 for the one who guesses it on the nose. Simply comment below with your guess and we will email the winner to obtain information and announce it across the social networks.

Thank You for all your prayers as we continue to patiently wait for her arrival!! Good Luck!!

Also: Let me clarify. There will only be one gift card given away; not one for each. Your guess must be submitted through the comments below. It allows everyone to see all the other guesses to avoid discrepancy amongst the participants!

One More Disclaimer: Apparently you have to have a Google account or something of the sort to post a comment on here. I'm now taking guesses on Facebook. The comment guesses will not be deleted and will be open for everyone to see.


Stephanie said...

I am guessing 6 1b 10 oz.

Jon Smith said...

7 lbs 4 oz.

jordan said...

7 lbs. 1 oz.

Brack and I are excited for you guys!

gothope247 said...

Congrats to you both! My guess, 7 lbs. 10 oz.

Norma Jean said...

Adalyn, will weigh exactly 7lb 7oz and will be 19.5 inches long

Anonymous said...

7 lbs even.

Anonymous said...

6 lbs. 8 oz.

Michael Smith said...

12 lbs 11 oz. and 28 inches long.


7 lbs 5 oz.

Karens911 said...

7 lbs 8 oz and beautiful!!

Joel A said...

My guess is 6 lb 11oz
Debbie says 7 lb 2oz
Graylin says 5 lb 14oz
Brandy says 6 lb 7oz
JG says 6 lb 6oz
Maggie says 5 lb 5oz
Luke says 5 lb 2oz
Riley says 5 lb 10oz
Bro Payne says 6 lb 4oz

Joel A said...

Brayden says 7 lb 3oz
and Chloe 7 lb 7oz