Friday, December 19, 2008

Emancipated & Opinionated

So, I scrolled through GoogleNews and randomly picked a topic to blog about..err, simply voice my often uneducated opinion.

Barack Obama Picks Rick Warren for Inaugural Invocation!!

Two questions here that first came to my mind:

1. Google usually lists the first two sentences or so as a little precursor, or "teaser" to the story and the writer of this story started it by saying..."Barack Obama picks conservative, anti-gay Pastor Rick Warren to deliver invocation...."

So.. I know Rick Warren is somewhat conservative and openly against homosexual unions of any kind, but I think this is just another ploy to spark the already intense outrage by the gay community against his pick. So, what do YOU think was the most intriguing or stirring part of this statement about Rick Warren..?

a) "conservative",
b) anti-gay,
c) actually a Pastor who, for the most part, preaches that not everyone is simply "ok"?

You make the call!

So.. Question 2 is:

Do you think Barack Obama once again picked a Pastor for political achievement/gain? (except this time to appeal to the Right?)

Part Deux:

Isn't this really what a true depiction of how we have formed and molded Christmas in America?

Again.. your thoughts.

D. Smith

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